I greatly appreciate everyone who has taken time to come to my page, whether you are looking for something to cure your boredom or want to make sure I am a real person after I ask to friend you. 

I am what it commonly referred to as a lurker. Once I learned to read I never really stopped. Imagine my delight when I discovered entire communities of writers presenting their work to the world for free. Just like the world of published works, it often takes some searching to find something for your individual tastes. However, in my experience there are are a great number of wonderful writers around here. I cannot thank those authors enough. It is my hope that with enough encouragement and feedback, new authors will work to improve and accomplished authors will keep posting. 

If you are hoping for posts and fics from me, I am sad to say that you will be disappointed. I can admire all of the wonderful writers here but could never hope to join their ranks. You are more likely to hear from me on their pages leaving comments. If you would like to leave me a message, feel free. It may be awhile before I answer back, but all comments are appreciated.

Thanks again,
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